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Savings Game

This is a great way to save money and it adds up fast. Whenever I spend cash, I always keep the one dollar bills and any change: pennies-quarters, fifty cent pieces if you by chance happen to receive one-until I get home and drop it all in a large wide mouth jar. Any container can be used that suits your needs for this. Once a week I add what I have saved and it really grows which is encouraging. Write the amount down each week. Have a goal written on the container which you are reaching for with the money. It can be for a night out at the movies or a longer goal of that vacation you have wanted to take. Dream for something you really want to motivate you to do it. Start with the easier to reach goal first and then move onto saving for something bigger if need be. If you would rather just do the change before moving up to dollars that is ok. Anything to get you started. And it is fun!! While shopping, your thinking, "Yes, I am going to have quite a bit to add to my jar." You start wanting to spend cash instead of the debit or credit card since there is no "stash" in using them. Which willprobably save you money also.

Once a month, every few months or when your ready to purchase that dream, roll your change and turn it in at the bank or at a change machine.



The sun through my windows this morning brings to mind new beginnings, God's promise of ressurrection. It only makes sense: Day and light-Night and Darkeness. Sleep and awakening. The new day. This all fits with God's nature. If there was no new life or beginning, there would not be Day , Night, Winter, Spring. It all fits with the way God is. All creation proves there is a God. Death to rise to new life-Whether it is Sun rising, going down to night or The Lord's quickening us to Salvation, Daily dying to self, or Rising up in a new day physically, we can know we can have Eternal Life.

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