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I am a home maker at this time in my life, but everyday I make a list to follow daily. I am a list maker and love to cross an item off when i am done doing it. As far as the computer goes Monday-Thursday these are the thing I like to accomplish on my computer: Do the daily poll on swag bucks for a swag buck. Get all the points for the day on Nashville Fish to win prizes with. Got through my 2 email site and read quickly through everything, flag for follow up and delete unessential mails. Go on Twitter and speed read through the posts of my followers. make at least one post. follow 2 or three links of interst I spot. Retweet 3 or so posts. One for a friend with links she has to photos she takes and make a slight amount if someone looks at the site with them showing. I spend about 5-10 minutes on Stumble. I try to do this blog. I try to spend about 15 Mins. on one of my boards or forums to keep up with them all during the week. I like to go on facebook and contact one of my immediate family members which live out of state. I try to go on three other friends walls and peruse photos and see what i may have missed and keep up with them. I follow the news feed for several minutes. Then I answer any Facebook emails I need to follow up on. I try to post at least one update. And if I have time I go back and read emails I have flagged. any time left, I watch sideshows of MSN or read news or other articles I want to learn from.

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Love dipping my mind, hands and feet into about anything that is pure clean and crisp. 5 kids, some out of the nest and married, some at home. Live on a small rural farm with 2 dogs: one poodle and one boogle. 17 chickens so far, but eggs are setting. One guinea fowl. 2 adorable pekin ducks. 1 beautiful goose and a pond load of fish. But my name is not Old McDonald. Married for 26 years to my sweetheart.