Bipolar blast- sickness part 2

I never made it to Dr, but using a myriad of things I am doing better. I am really glad to have gotten over this stuff( it seems) without The Dr.

Well  back to what happens to me when sick with bipolar.
Going back almost 20 years until I first experienced a time being sick when I thought my experience was a normal one for anyone with a yearly influenza bout. I am so thankful it has been many years since I had influenza. I am talking the high temp. , cannot do nothing but lay in bed, with burning ague with upset stomach, headache and lung pain. Not mere stomach-what people call flu- which is not really flu. This is the flu where you can barely walk to bathroom and so grabbed in hand by dizziness, you feel like you will fall down.True influenza like the kind that killed so many in early 1900's.
This time I had it- I remember laying in front of the bedroom door in carpeted hallway, hoping for strength to get the rest of way to bathroom;. I started having dark shapes before my eyes and seeing hallucinations as I lay in excruciating pain heap. I thought this would be normal for everyone since bad sickness with high tempo can bring hallucinations to some people. I had read of that. At that time I did not know the bipolar I had beneath the surface. Every time I became really ill, I have these. I did not have them bad with my last bout but slightly. Being sick is extreme scarey with bipolar. in my situation anyway, I am not sure if other bipolar get this as well. I do not know if those that I read so long ago with high temperature and hallucinations had any mental issues either. Some were missionaries and I think many in this field would lean towards more of the mind set or temperament such as mine. Just my thoughts on it.

A big problem is with me is also my extremely dangerous and  deadly asthma. Because of my asthma I can more easily become sick in a harder manner. My lungs easily go to bronchitis and there may be someone out there like me-perhaps several-with "brittle" asthma. (Only 5% of asthmatics have this deadly form.)

Steroids: When I had pneumonia and lung troubles I could not get over because of the Hamas. I have been put on Prednisone. This is a great medicine to get rid of the asthma and any infection. but as many know with sport steroids and medical Prednisone is no different. Dangerous drug for long term. One time on it when I was 19 I gained 10 pounds in a short time from side effects. I hate the cravings you get. I was on it and gobbled 3 hot dogs and a pile of macaroni and cheese when I took it for the Pneumonia.
Where does this lead me with bipolar? The Prednisone also effects hallucination factor. I had to take it fro my lungs a year ago and I had really bad hallucinations. It seem to get worse every time I take it. I put trust in God and his promise of a sound mind, but the thought of having to take the stuff is total "fear factor."

Since I live out in the forest (hardwoods -Ozark Mtns.) - now that I am feeling better and have spent sick time studying the subject- I am checking into wild herbs and plants to make tinctures for lung strengthening. I am checking in with extension and horticulture stuff in the area, am hoping to get some natural help with my asthma so I will not have these bouts. Will let all know what I discover. I like studying that subject, just another thing takes time.

So this is the extra horror for sickness with bipolar for me anyway.


Blurps in blog.

My links are not connecting in blog roll and my book progress had not updated on good reads widget.  Embarrassing. Will fix and get to the problem as soon as I am able. Sorry.


Ward catalog- my birth year camera.
I am still not totally up to par, but yesterday for Mother's day received a new camera. I am hoping that I will be able to post pictures- ordered as taken -showing steps for crafts, cooking, yard sale finds, etc. I wanted  to share this since I am exited. I also have not forgotten blog post # 2 on bipolar and sickness. Please have patience with me in my weak and worn down situation. It is just too close to home at the moment with my faith barometer to finish the continuing story. (So like bipolar to get in the way.)

I saw a cute blog button on a friend's blog on here and wanted to get one done, but this is to be for another day. Just not having another strength to be my whirlwind self.  Hopefully soon, I can reveal one of my own. Really like the button....

Friend's blog "Beautiful" button.

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