My unfavorites. Letter B

Okay, I have decided to call things I dislike through each letter of the alphabet with the word un favorites to fit with my theme of things I love A-Z. Now for letter B.

Blasphemy -and am not talking here of Blasphemy of Holy Ghost-which can only happen if Jesus is standing right there in body and you attribute his miracles to Satan.( Because they said he hath a Devil.)
But Blasphemy committed by emboldened sinners against the true holy God with no shame these days commumulating in the antichrist opening his mouth to Blaspheme the God of Heaven during the tribulation.

You can go on the internet-even blogger alone and find these Blasphemous sites everywhere. I am glad someday all will answer fro their crimes against God. and taking God's name in vain is one of the commandments men will be judged by if unsaved.


Nothing thoughts.

Unreasonable Faith Is A Nice Blog Full Of Unreasonable Atheists

Since I’ve been over in Unreasonable Faith I have been insulted incessantly for being a believer. It will only be a matter of time before the Unreasonable Faith brigade turn up on my doorstep wielding ice cream scoops.sad in my life. (from anti atheist website)

I also have had this same experience on this blog. As stated another time, they can post on your site, but "hate" if you try to post on theirs. They believe in nothing.

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