If I do not schedule my time I am lost daily. There are many good systems out there. After trial and error this is the one I came up with well honed:

Also with trial and error, I have found these notebooks a great size and inexpensive to use for what I need. I always have about 4 for these extra on hand. I use them for many things, but today we are discussing their use in my daily list.

This is my 6,7-11 a.m. list        
2-4 days I use a list like this: Do not mock my writing, it is only for my eyes.

Depending on when I get up or moving at least 2 days a week this is my day. This is the best way I have learned to keep up with it all. Yes, this is a lot but if I do not have every jot & tittle. But this keeps all my hats I juggle in written form for my feeble mind. So as soon as I can do it in the morning I start as quickly as I can doing all on this list. I have 4-5 hours. I usually end up with 1/4 to 1/3 I do not get to.

I prioritize depending on what is needed that day. Like: It is my dish day- which is twice weekly. If I have a big pile greet me in the morning, This must be accomplished by 11. Not my dish day, this one is happily crossed off and added to a page over.

So I got a craft done or a small bit done on from another notebook of bigger projects, I can finish the craft or cleaning out that closet I have started. Or since I finished these thing another day this week, I can cross and add them to the next " major list day."

Things like ,read my bible even if it is only 1 chapter, is a priority.

Pinterest is on here and I would love to have that a top priority. Sometimes I will make it so, but not every day. As 11 A. M. approaches and there are 10 items undone, I scan and decide what I can still do. This morning it was twitter.

 This morning Pinterest did not make it and neither did baking. Maybe next time. I do not do this list Friday through Sunday.Friday is a "me" day and the weekend is family and this and that.

So this list is done Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and or Thursdays. It is nice to be able to get 4 days done. I get so much accomplished, but many days something comes up. Like errand running. Since we are from 8 to 40 miles from towns which all have different places I shop, this list is closed up and set aside on those days. Emergency, kid ill, Must go visit that widow. This list is put off to another day.this is why some days I follow this list only 2 days,but average 3 days.

What does this list do for me and or my family:

  1. I have found I will neglect some things such as: finding my bathroom overlooked. On this list I have "bathroom" I am reminded to look the bathroom over and if needed do one small chore. Say, sweep the floor. Next time I might mop. Maybe the bathroom is looking pretty ship shape. Cross it off and add to next list day page. I can easily forget many things on this list. This way at least 2 days a week , I am seeing  I need to water those plants who were neglected, that may die down in that laundry room after I have not really noticed them for awhile.
  2. This keeps me focused. Have you ever found yourself wandering around thinking,"what to do?" This really helps me on target. 
  3. Easy to prioritize need to do. 
  4. If I just do not want to do something on there or have no laundry that day-I wish lol- Cross off which gives satisfaction and let it go, knowing It has been added to tomorrow or the next Monday, etc.
  5. Great feeling to cross off an item, and know it was accomplished. 
  6. Great feeling to see that list shorten before your eyes.
  7. Fun to play games and great exercise to see how quickly you can get it done. 
  8.  No worries, when you cannot get to it all, it just goes on the next list.
There are about 40 items on my A.M. List. Some take only a minute though. Like my date blocks. Right before 11 what I cannot do gets rolled over by pen to next list and crossed off. I then throw the paper away. Good bye mind clutter and guilt.

The call & color of duties shredded concluded.


stranded in a bookstore with a bible, an MP3 and a missing person poster.: Genesis 24........

stranded in a bookstore with a bible, an MP3 and a missing person poster.: Genesis 24........: This blog is about books, missing people.... and the bible. I think I have yet to lay a real bible study out there. Will attempt this today ...

The bible will come alive on this study of Genesis 24. On a sister blog.

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