Short Odyssey

Blair stairs at the crumpled paper lying below her in straw as around her ochre colored light crashes off the gravel at her feet. Life is too short.


Compounded Interests.

I have so many hobbies and or interests that I am completely overwhelmed when I sit down to write-having a hard time settling on any given subject. My mind just spins. I know I have read or heard that you need to hone in on single subjects and pursue them developing perfection or as close as you can come to it on just a few interests so you can do your best at these and receive the best outcome for your out put. I truly want to do this, but just can't get there from here. I do not want to give anything up.


To An Atheist.

Why is there something rather than Nothing?
Self Creation is absurd.
Chance = No Thing.
Just some thoughts. Cause you can lead an Atheist to Evidence but you can't make them think.

Get to the Subject

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