Ten High School needs to start the Year With.

A listing of 10 items followed that-if i remember right- were on the school supply needs for my high school-er:
  • In style book bag or back pack. You play this to their individual desire, style and tastes.
  • A good number of sharpened pencils.( They really go through these.) Probably a dozen to start with is recommended.
  • Several pens: a good blue and black set. Perhaps one in red.
  • A package of college ruled paper.
  • 2 or three notebooks.
  • A Binder. ( again one that fits the individual style of you son and daughter keeps joy in the household)
  • A pencil sharpener.
  • Pencil and perhaps pen (do they work?) erasures.
  • A yellow highlighter.Kleenex and number 10: Hand sanitizer.

10 Elementary School Supplies.

If I remember right these are ten essential supplies I will be picking up in the near future for my y soon to enter 3rd grade student. Hopefully I can get a jump start:
  1. No. 2 pencils. Probably at least 4 up to a dozen. The year prior would you believe the first stop I made had no No. 2 pencils. I almost just bought another type. was so frustrating, especially when you would thing an office and school supply would carry the standard. I went somewhere else and purchased the correct ones.
  2. Erasures to pair up with the pencils. I like the pink ones. Usually get two. I do not recommend the top of pencil type since they get dirty quickly.
  3. Of course the yearly backpack. Has to be different then the previous years.
  4. Paper: the wider spaced.
  5. Colored Pencils, markers and or crayons. (The small count will probably work.)
  6. School Glue
  7. Scissors applicable to your child's age.
  8. A pencil box to put it all in. (Excluding the paper of course.)
  9. Hand sanitizer
  10. A package of tissues. If each child brings one the whole class can share one or two packages for the whole year.
Hope this helps and you do not receive any overnight surprises needed on the list they receive on that first day home.

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