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I had posted an article off a blog a friend on FB had directed me to. I found a lot of things on there I really like and earlier posted a link to an article on here from this blog. too bad after studying more I cannot recommend this blog because it really goes against a Bible doctrine I stand on and did some damage to my faith in disbelief that some one could have such great articles on a lot of subjects, but not believe a Pre Trib position just because some went against the scripture and set dates. Some things they had against this doctrine were true, but- and they had nowhere to comment- I will not send someone to a site like that  since links they had were extreme and unbalanced also like they accuse others of being. So I am removing this site as a follower. and I removed the post with the article. too bad there was no way to tell them.


First Of Fall

First of Fall-
A cozy feeling of desire for cocoa in pumpkin mugs.
Brushes up against my skin with a flush of desire.

Though it be 100 degrees still.
Just a feeling.

First of Fall-
Am out walking.
Strange-the leave are casting golden shadows.
A flash of crimson here and there amongst the green.
Is that orange?

First of Fall-
Orange reminds me of pumpkins and pies.
Suddenly I see round cylindrical objects at the market. I think of hay rides to come..
My heart is filled with desires of baking.
Pumpkin this and pumpkin that.

First of Fall-
Now when out walking I wear a sweater.
Nuts crunch under my feet and I see a squirrel scurry away with these same objects to hide away.
For the famine days ahead..

Autumn come in... In full splendor-
Baking, Hot spiced cider, Rain pelting-pouring on the tin roof.
Sweatshirts and hats. Thoughts turn to Thanksgiving.
The clock FALLS back. Now long evenings to do crafts....

End of Fall is near-
Waiting for Winter and thoughts turn to Christmas and a New beginning
Of a New Year.


A Little Bit of Heaven: My Portfolio

A Little Bit of Heaven: My Portfolio       

Beautiful drawings. alot of medieval type from young lady on Good Reads group: Christian Girly Girl Chat. Come join us. Great group of Christian and reading book ladies.

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