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Ways To Reuse Gift Wrap

wrapping paper scraps

Mason Jars

shredded wrapping scraps.
Ways To Reuse Gift Wrap

This is a great link with several ways to use any left over or prior use gift wrap This goes back to our frugal hobbies series on crafting.  I have been saving pieces of wrapping paper for awhile an was happy to find these ideas. This site has many other great craft ideas. So check it out.The ideas listed on the page are:

  1. Decorating of mason jars.
  2. Shredding the wrap to use in different ways.
  3. Paper bows
  4. Decoupaged pencils
  5. Lining envelopes prettily.

For more great ideas for crafting and DIY , check out my Pint erst board. I have several for crafting One to check out is:Simple and cheap Crafting Pinterest board


Some great health sites

A diversion from the norm: Ever since I got real sick a month or so back, I have really been studying up on healing stuff I can find in my backyard. I live in rural Missouri so almost anything can be found with a few feet of my porch steps. I do not want to be sick like that again and I also want to get off my dependence on prescription and over counter drugs. Not only do I have bipolar and hate the  medical system, but I also have "brittle" asthma, and chronic pain. Besides these chronic conditions I have some minor ailments. Because my allergies-asthma are my most deadly condition, I am concentrating on it first. Above are 3 Pinterest pins I pinned to my health board.

  1. The first picture,  my focus is the 2nd from bottom "weed" Usnea. it is supposed to be all over U. S. , but I have had trouble finding information on my area about it being found here. I have seen it before, but maybe it was in northwest where I have also lived. Not even the extension office knew anything concerning it. I have read how to make tinctures with this and others following and it is online to order, but I would rather do it myself since it is expensive.
  2. Stinging Nettles:  They are all over and as I am able will do them, I will. Cover plants with alcohol or vinegar for several weeks, then stain liquid through cheese cloth. Toss the plant parts and use dropper They have a lot of properties for many conditions-as does usnea. I would love to have the book.
  3. Butter bur-I am sure I have seen this plant on outings, but my husband did find this one in capsules at a health food store. It is really helping the allergies-It seems, though I am not ready to jump into not taking my asthma medicines....YET?    I hope to find this plant also since the store price was steep. 
For safety, I would recommend you check with your Dr. before trying your own medicinals. 
Check out my health board on Pinterest: 28 pins and growing. Health on Pinterest

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