Newsboys:"Strong Tower" Bible Study.

"Strong and Mighty"
Psalm 89:8 Who is a STRONG Lord like unto Thee
Jeremiah 50:34 Their Redeemer is MIGHTY
Jeremiah 32: 18 The great, the MIGHTY God the Lord.....
Isiah 9:6 Wonderful Counselor, the MIGHTY God.....

"Strong to save us."
Psalm 44:3 Neither did their own arm SAVE THEM, but by thy right hand and thine arm...

"Like a Fortress Never failing"
2 Samuel 22:2 my rock and my FORTRESS, and my deliverer...
Psalm 91:2 I will say of the Lord He is my refuge and my FORTRESS My God in Him will I trust.
1 Chronicles 28:20 He will not FAIL Thee or forsake Thee.

"Strong in Battle"
Joshua 10:42 Lord God of Israel FOUGHT for Israel and read all of Revelation 19:11-16

"Strong in kindness"
And after the KINDNESS and love of God......Titus 3:4

"When we stray Lord your strong to find us"
Luke 15:37(Jesus leaving the 90 and 9 to go out and find us.)

"When the winds come hard against us"
Matthew 14: 27(wind being contrary)

"You are steadfast you are true"
For He is the living God and STEADFAST Daniel 6: 26 b
1 John 5:20That we may know him that is TRUE and Revelation 19: 11

"When the ground beneath us trembles"
God keeps our steps and uphold us if we fall (see Psalm 18:36-37, Proverbs 16:9 for steps)
For upholding (see Psalm 63:8, Psalm 145:14)
"Your foundation never moves"
2 Timothy 2:19 The FOUNDATION of God standeth sure.

"Strong Tower High and Glorious"
Proverbs 18:10 the name of the Lord is a STRONG TOWER...
Jeremiah 17:12

"Mighty in love"
Mighty means supreme love such as in John 15:13

"Our Refuge Our Defender"
Psalm 9:9 (REFUGE) Psalm 59:9 (DEFENDER)

"Strong Tower Lord above"
Another Strong Tower Vs. Provers 18: 10 and for LORD ABOVE: John 3:31

"Strong to lead us"
Even there shall Thy hand LEAD me and Thy right hand shall hold me up. Psalm 139:10

"Through the Shadows"
Psalm 42:16 and the Famous one cannot be left out Psalm 23:4

"Strong to carry all our sorrows"
Surely He hath born our grieves and carried all our sorrows Isaiah 53:4 (Why would anyone reject Him?!)

"When the enemy surrounds us closing in as darkness falls, though his armies rage against us they can NEVER scale these walls"
Psalm 118:10-13 and of course the armor of God : Ephesians 6: 10-17

"You are my shelter, my shield"
Psalm 61:3 Been a SHELTER for me. The armor of god once again in fact vs. 16 specifically " the SHIELD of faith.

"You are the home I could never deserve"
He hath made us accepted in the beloved....Ephesians 1:6

"Here I will serve ever under your gaze. Here I will ever sing your praise."
Psalm 100:2
All of Colossians 3, centering on Vs. 16
Another Strong Tower v

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