4th July activity pictures and links.

bubble snake
Balloon blow up.
Soap explosion via microwave.
Here are links to Kid's fun we did today. Great sites with a lot of good stuff.

Happy 4th firecrackers.


Bipolar blast-Hospital A

In the middle of June I was put in the Psych. Unit at the nearby hospital. If only I would retain the lessons I learned there. I hated it , but came out so much better.
What happened was I was manic irritable in spite of my medicine.(this is another story I will post soon) I tried to get help out of my husband and he did not want to deal with me like this, so left. I got upset thinking in my crazed mind he hated me so called to talk to my support at the Dr. She was not there. I had been told her phone was not working which made me angry at a professional place, so I called her boss. This women seemed put out that I had bothered her and I became frustrated explaining about my counselors phone and how that was annoying she would not get my calls. She asked about me being angry. I told her wouldn't you when someone at a professional office has a non working phone.?

I told her I had a pamphlet about speaking up about your care and she switched me to a crisis place. I told them about my husband not listening to me (next time I will hang up- if switched like this.) I had not noticed the switcheroo she did on me. I thought I had gained a listening ear. I am an honest individual and sometimes too trusting when on irritable manic side. this person asked me if I felt like I needed a break.- A change in my meds. I said "yes", I would like that. She made the hospital sound inviting-like leading a witness if you know the workings of trials.. .I could read and rest, YES. I would have a break from dishes and Kids-Don't we all want that once and awhile? YES!Was I feeling like I wanted to harm myself. "Yes, doesn't everyone once and awhile in their situation." She agreed with this concept.

I was making a pie while conversing with her and next thing I know a policeman is coming in yelling at me about having a knife- I was using to cut the fruit with. I was told I would go to the hospital willingly or be arrested and sent for 4 days. I went willingly being told I would only  be there 4 hours. Guess what? No phone call, no lawyer,  strip searched like a criminal and put in psych unit like I was a druggie. told I was sentenced to 4 days because I wanted an ambulance. ( I did not!)

God got me out with prayer on sunday-2 days early and I did learn so much in there. He is working it to good, even though I believe I was tricked to make a Quinta or something.
I am on several bipolar support sites and most people on there are in and out of the hospital so I consider myself blessed that this was only the 2nd time in 20 years this has happened to me. last time in 97 I wanted to go in because I was psychotic and knew I needed help. That was different.

I am thankful for the experience, but do think it was evil the way they dealt with me. I do deserve hell though. And by God's Spirit and mercy and grace, total trust in him, I have escaped the road of horror I could have been on unsaved. I have a great testimony through Him. Only 2 times in the hospital in 20 years. ONLY HIM.

I will post soon Part B my experience in the hospital.

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