Good Reads book challnge widget

Frustrating, I tried and re did and worked on it and checked help on the/Good Read's site and could not get the widget to show my updated book progress. I am at like 45 out of 80 books so am ahead for the year so far and  the widget was stuck at 3. I finally-sadly-got rid of it and put another type on there. I am so disappointed since I liked the reading challenge one. Sigh.....

Unfavorites Letter E

This one Is actually one I can like I just do not like having to get it done in and fir it in.
 I saw that I had doubled up on my unfavorites for letter D, (so one was extra and no cost). LOL So on to letter E.
A few happy  endings, but endings really are sad most of the time.

Emptiness-this one really fits with one of the factors in depression. I want to do post set on this one with that focus soon.


Rattlesnake bites man at Wal-Mart (

Rattlesnake bites man at Wal-Mart (

You may have already read this odd news, but if you have not . Crazy one.

I tried to do another blog and just could not get it right so gave up for another day. I had this on "draft" so this is what I decided to do instead. I am at least posting OKAY. LOL!!!!!!!

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