Is it Queen Anne's lace or poison Hemlock flower?

My husband have been disagreeing on this for several days. ever since I pointed out QA lace and tried to show my expertise in studying Missouri Wildflowers from using this site: Missouri Wildflower guide.

This site lists flowers by major color, is easy to use and has great photographs to identify with. There are so many wildflowers out here in Southern Missouri.

So now-since I was sure I was in the know by using the above site to know what is Queen Anne's Lace even though these two flowers can easily be mistaken for one another and the hemlock is poisonous. I have found another site and My expertise is going to be shown.

Go here: to get in the know of this.

I am glad to have this information , but cannot recommend the rest of the site since it contains witchcraft. proceed at your own risk with that.

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