Others May, You Cannot/ Bipolar Blast #1

Trying to let God have all of me right now. Went through the fir this morning on my biblical stand and am full of anxiety because of it. I posted this on FB. I really get tired of Christians with no problems or they will not admit to any. No medical issues when I have so many afflictions, but at the same time God has so many good things about being blessed by affliction especially in the Psalms that I cannot help shout for joy in His name any way. Yesterday dealing with case manager I have to have for my meds has really sent me in tailspin. You all out there aught to give it a whirl lol Yes ,I take meds. I remember when I did not and sat in judgement of Christians that did such things. God showed me with chastening to get off my high horse when I ended up in psychosis. I used to have a tract that said others may you cannot. You cannot judge them unless you walked in their shoes, so he brought me down with the king of Babylon- Nebuchadnezzar. Others May, but you cannot he says. You will be gold tried in my fire and come forth as a jewel in my crown in heaven. Your own family will turn on you at times, let alone the friends and "good" christian brethren. It is not always like that and some of it is my own reaping. But with my manic side of bipolar or my choleric personality this is what I felt today:

I am just me, not afraid to fight Paul over chiefest of sinners spot. Un ashamed and unafraid to admit I have struggles and am imperfect. I try to walk in the spirit, but and do fall and stumble, but Jesus loves me and it is on his grace I stand, not by the will of any man, or you should , or you should not. Or you are too mean, Or your bathroom is not perfect or you are too sensitive, . Stop the emulations. Stop trying to make me into your image of a door mat or robot. I am not directing this post at any individual. I love you all on here. My God understands when no one else does. I am just sick of pretend land. Think I will post this on my blog. lol forgive me while I rant.
Now turn the feeling into faith for His Honor and His glory. Amen.


At the Bizzare.

Just feel like doing two posts today-something I have never done. This is an extremely weird oddity that gives me creeps, but interesting at the same time. Coin trees? check the link to read on these.

Blogging on the Bipolar Blast/ New series.

I know I have several series going on here. I am doing favorites through the alphabets. What I call my "unfavorites"- .  Antonyms and opposites of my Favorites. I am also trying to add posts on my frugal blog hobby post back in August. throwing ideas from off that post in the hodge podge of my blog. Now I want to go to a serious subject.......My bipolar mind.I am hoping my journey with this may help someone. as always I am not one to focus on one subject. so I will post on this, plus still continue all my series as well as throw in my pinches of this and that as mentioned in my header.

What is bipolar? Also called Manic- Depression--.Bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic depression, is a mood disorder that causes radical emotional changes and mood swings, from manic, restless highs to depressive, listless lows. Most bipolar individuals experience alternating episodes of mania and depression.Symptoms of bipolar depressive episodes include low energy levels, feelings of despair, difficulty concentrating, extreme fatigue, and psychomotor retardation (slowed mental and physical capabilities).
Manic episodes are characterized by feelings of euphoria, lack of inhibitions, racing thoughts, diminished need for sleep, talkativeness, increased risk taking, and irritability. In extreme cases, mania can induce hallucinations and other psychotic symptoms such as grandiose illusions.

 An introduction for you all. Please join me on my memories and my terror filled journey, but joyful journey dealing with this disease.

A book that I have bee really interested in reading concerning this is the one shown on this post. I though many would think me "mad", but I blessed by my bipolar through God and though I will tell truthfully the trial and affliction parts, I also have great beauty through it. come along for the ride.


This is What I want it to be Like.

A Horror
What I want it to be like compared to how it may be?
      Probably slightly in between. LOL

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