The Biblical Tabernacle and the 4 Gospels Cont.

Exodus 27: 9-16
We covered the tabernacle as a type of Jesus Christ. It's outward plainness, but the beauty of the curtains made the way into this building. What the curtain colors represented: Blue: Heaven, Purple: Royalty, Red: Redemption or salvation if you will and fine twined Linen: Righteousness.
These curtains were set on 4 pillars and sockets=the 4 Gospels of which the way to salvation, righteousness, to God and heaven hang on. The gate, the way to enter.
  1. Matthew is the gospel of the king: this is the purple way into the tabernacle. If you want to reach God and be part of his royal family you need to be born into the King's family-be his seed.
  2. Mark is the gospel of the suffering servant. the red curtains stands for the cross of suffering this servant bore for us. the crimson blood he shed.
  3. Luke is the gospel of the Son of Man. Jesus Christ was the only righteous man. through his righteousness we become righteous. this is the white linen of the curtain. And
  4. John: Jesus Christ the Son of God-Blue-Our connection to heaven. He came down from Heaven for us.

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