Things I Dislike A-Z

Should keep me busy for awhile. I am only though with letter A on favorite things. And am now starting a series of A-Z on things I dislike. This comes because my thought are on the A item I want to put on my list: atheists. For one I do not get them at all. another is all they can do is circular reason every where. Many of them are extremely intelligent ,but pure stupid. They believe nothing brought forth everything.Whan you ask them to explain this they go into their circular reasoning all the time. I deal with them alot. They hate God. They say they do not believe in God or any supreme being, but if god is nothing. why are they so consumed with pretend? They put Christians to shame with the war they are fighting for the unreal "nothing."and the role they are consumed on "Him." Sometimes because of the anxiety I suffer I am careful not to read their replies until I am at a stable place since they are so consumed with hate and unreasonable in their responses. Though they are being hypocrites since they are doing what they rail at god for doing. They are their own god? Which is the conclusion you must draw since they claim to have the aswers. What is the biggist irritence of these nonsense people is that they will go on a Christian site and rail and whine about preaching at them. Where as if you go on their site and even hint you are of the enemies camp they will block your posts. Can I retch now?

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