How Could I Forget

When doing my favorite things for letter B. I totally forgot my very top favorite Birds. I have had visits from approx. 100 different birds in my yard. During fall and winter months I ground feed and do a couple feeders. I purchase different feeds, sunflower, nuts and seeds, millet. All birds like different stuff. some really only do feeders. Some like ground feeding. and quite a few do both. I want to put out grape jelly for oriels, but have no where to place it where dogs cannot get it. I have 3 hummingbird feeders and I forgot to mention one butterfly feeder which the humming birds use more than the butterflies.
We have 2 large white domestic ducks. (We had 3, but something got one when they were 1/2 grown with yellow still on them. We do have a coop, but the night this happened it was late and we could not get them cornered and in the coop so the one night they were left out one disappeared. The ducks stick like glue so I knew something bad had transpired. A few days later my son and his friend found leftovers in the woods behind the wood pile.
we also have 7 small chickens. Started with 15. Lost two to wild animal sneaking into coop during day when we had let them out, but were really too small yet. 2 just died in box from their water wetting them and even though they were under heat lamp they still perished. One my daughter was trying to catch when letting them out for air to place back in their baby box and it turned sharply and she squashed it with her foot. On got sick and died and two others when the chickens were slightly bigger were found just dead on lawn? There are 3 funny roosters and 4 hens. left. Bandy chickens. My husband got them and ducks to eat the bugs like ticks which are terrible here. they roam the yard during day and are doing a good job at it. the ducks have a swimming pool which is so much fun to watch them bathe in. Roosters starting to scrap and one hen acts like she is ready to nest. We will see what goes on in this saga. Next blog pictures to follow up with.

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