My Favorites Letter C

is the one set back with sun.
Castles plain and simple. I know they were nasty and clammy cold to live in(If you do not count modernized ones used today and made up to date.) They just fascinate me. There were a couple near to where I lived in WA state, which are not like the castles in Europe, but pretty cool. We used to have this building my kid's and I termed "The cast" from way down on the highway it looked like one, but was actually just and ole stone building that was used for some business way back. Pretty trashy and did not look like a castle when you drove up there.
I need to look into the area I am in now to see if there are any called castles in the immediate area. We do have a large stone house about 10 miles away being sold for $1 million. (Way to much I think for this area.) It is supposedly haunted also and though I do not believe in that but would ascribe to Devil activity. I do find that stuff fun. Am going to add a picture or two of castles from WA. state and next time add more photos of castles from the old country.

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