Frugal Hobbies

  • List of frugal hobbies with comments:
  1. Sewing
  2. Cooking and or Baking
  3. Entering sweepstakes
  4. Gardening
  5. Reading
  6. Crafting
  7. Photography
  8. Letter-boxing
  • One of these I detest.
  • One of these might give me anxiety, but would do it if I had the time.
  • 1 of these my kid's and I did fof a couple of months than we kind of petered out on it. I would like to do again, but we live so far out there is probably none to do without a lot of gas use so frugal may be "out the window" or so to speak on it.
  • One I love to do, but cannot seem to fit it in. Want to.
  • Another one I was into until lost my tool to do it with and am leery with trying the new one out I bought.
  • 3 are left which I do regularly. This list makes me want to do all of them though.

  • Can you guess which three I participate almost daily by my other posts and the blogs I follow?

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