A cozy Mystery? 2 Sites.

I went to the Library today-something I cannot do enough of. There are two book sites I were given from "Good Reads " Cozy Mystery group to get authors and book ideas that are supposed to be "cozy" mysteries. I love these sites. They are arranged so lovely and go by theme, author's and explain series. I love to see all the colorful covers and names of the books on there. Each site explains what a "cozy" mystery is.They usually say they are safe, clean, light, non graphic. I have read there is no bad language. Now I love both these sites, but several times I have gotten books by authors recommended on there and they were not acceptable as far as what I consider descent to read. And this was upsetting because i would a few times be into the book and then-bam cuss word out of nowhere- bam gory violence-or- bam sex outside of marriage in sometimes a cavalier manner. Now I have read Christian books that hit on this, but it always ends with some kind of repercussions  with the sex part or violence and their is a redemption to it. And they never have the unnecessary language. Often I have to quit the book and cross the author off my list. The sex is okay because they are "good" people. I do not like to see the hero or heroine engaging in this. and am super disappointing to pick up one book in a "cozy" series i really liked and find out in the one of 2 books I did not read of hers that she was "in bed" with boyfriend prior to wedding. how foolish. And I loved her books. That was one reason I liked them and had read like 10 prior with nothing like this and here we go. Christian books that are deep enough for me are expensive or hard to find. I like a little meat beyond milk. So I substitute with Agatha Christi- Dorothy Sayers. These Are "Cozy" Clean. I have been disappointed by some suggested on these sites. If i had time , maybe I would do a recommended site for Christians of secular books that do not offend. I know some Christians do not mind this and that is between them and God.
Well back to the Library.  I spotted an author name from one of these sites and grabbed it since my library is small and I cannot find many authors from those sites. While waiting on my daughter I just glanced through the book. Maybe this author does "cozy" mysteries also but this was the only book by her on the shelf. Or maybe she had the same name as the one the site recommended, but this book seemed like a fluffy- I do not know, but did not even seem a mystery. So if you go to these sites be careful. Next post I will link the sites, but out of time today and after the warning I am no to enthusiast to post them anyway.

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