letterboxing/Frugal hobbies Update.

Here is another site on letter boxing. It is beautiful looking. Categories: You may register and sign up- Tabs:
  • Getting Started
  • Letterboxes
  • Travelers
  • Members
  • Help  
Each of these tabs have different headings. For example: Getting started has-4 sections-2 of which are:
  1. Finding
  2. Kids 
There is another description of letter boxing on there which I like better than the one I posted yesterday, but the site is so copyrighted that I will let anyone that wants to look it up for themselves.
There is a link to Face Book-Liking that site may bring incentive to get going if on FB.

Under the letter boxing category I found a map listing all areas of U.S. I was disappointed not to find any listings for my county, but there are some listings to counties next to us. Our area is extremely rural so it does not surprise me. Your areas if more densely populated and more oriented to this type of thing will be much better. so do not give up and as stated before you can plant your own boxes to get it going. Post on Face book per this site.

This site is beautiful and extremely simple to use. as I stated in yesterdays blog. this series stems from way back in August when I did a post on frugal hobbies x 8. this is a follow up series on one of them. Have fun and comment on your adventures.

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