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Can you believe buttons made of paper.I want to do these for sure.
Coffee lid magnets.
I have to really limit myself on this site. Like eye candy and keep from "eye lust" but I love this site. It is like having bulletin boards but you do not need them all over your house. So now -having never had room for this many in any house- I have 28 bulletin boards separated by category. I have 47 likes(these are thing you like, but do not pin on your board(s) I have 352 pins. _See why I have to limit myself on here? I just want to be able to do some stuff in the pins. One of my boards is  Here are several pins I have on there to share with you all.

Prettied up tray.
You go to the site where the picture was pinned from and get directions for making. So lovely and easier than an old bulletin board -even though I have a vintage board in here. This is a follow up to my Frugal blog post on crafts from August. Check my board out. I have more than 1 board pinned with crafts on the 28. You can see all my boards through main link. This is just like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket with cocoa in the lap.


  1. I recently discovered Pinterest too and I love it! I'm now following yours. :)

  2. Thanks. I just noticed your comment. Not used to it. (comments) I believe I am following you also.


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