Bipolar Blast# 8 /John Bunyan

Many great Christians-so I am in good company- have been dealt the providential hand of bipolar. One of greatest and most often read christian classics is Pilgrim's Progress. Written by John Bunyan in jail while persecuted for preaching the Gospel. At the time of his life I do not believe it was known what plagued Bunyan so terribly in his mind, but in later years- the facts being gathered were studied and conclusions were drawn and he was  believed to have extreme bipolar and a type of ocd. The positive of this all is how mightily God used John's thorn to accomplish the might to His name's praise. I count it such joy to know I can take my place beside such a hero of faith as himself. Is an article explaining ling the form of bipolar John dealt with called scrupulosity (first time I heard it called by that one)

I am including a follow up post also that goes over Bunyan's sufferings in a post I am adding today called "Suffering in the Life of John Bunyan. This article is part of this post, but to share it on blogger was easier just to put it on a new post.
 It is a blast to think you have such a thing in common with someone so blessed and used of God, that it compels you to be lifted above the torments bipolar puts in your path upon thinking of this partnership in sufferings not only with Christ but with an author and strong in faith Christian such as this. (BTW- Pilgrim's progress is only his most famous book, he also authored many others) I may list them in  alter posts. Fascinating and did not know this myself until my undertaking today.

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