I was so glad to leave WA state behind with it's dry heat(Even though much better fro my asthma.) to Missouri and last summer there was damp mist hanging in our Ozark valley in the fields. it was beautiful and damp. I only had to water my flower beds 2 times all summer. It rained every 2 or 3 days.It was in 80's - to low 90's.

It feels like the state of  Washington out there. Everything is dry, dusty and hot. People never water here much and the few neighbors out here and our lawns look like: dust bowl. I am even watering our beautiful trees. Trying to pray like Elijah. God maybe answered Elijah in Florida for rain and someone here to stop rain. I do not know.

So how is the weather in Siberia? The rain forest getting any coolness? What is the weather like anywhere else?
 My chickens look putrid even. Glad they do not mind the dust, but does put a damper on bug catching. had to feed them in winter, now summer?

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