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2 easy ways to lose weight of different types to do it with. I may try both and see how it goes- one at a time.  I just need the stuff to do it with: this may take awhile to work. it appeals to me though since it seems the suggestions seem so quick and non hassle. I will try this first. I may add the 2nd one to speed up on things, though this one could just be habit developed daily. It would be so health even if you did not really see a vast amount of weight loss. There are several ideas on the site. Do them all or just try one. I would hazard a guess doing them all would work the best.

The 2nd idea is an actually military diet. I cannot stand complex eating programs and I really do not care for fad diets. (After all the word diet has "t+ die"  in it when it is put backwards) to me this means or stands for "to die" lol. In spite of what I just wrote this is a very simple diet and though I would like to replace the word diet- since to me diet is a horrible term- to clarify and since the page calls it thus- I am using it here. I want you to know what I am talking about so I better use it.

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