My Unfavorites. Letter C

CREEPS. These guys- and once and a great while though not often gals are worse than any monster dreamed up on any movie you could think of. That is why monsters on movie do not really scare me at all. Real creeps do. these are the possessed by the Devil monsters that are on earth that really put the fear of evil in you.
( I was trying to share some news articles on here that fit with my subject, but will not work and am so frustrated I will have to come back to this another day.)
I am frustrated that i cannot figure ways to link these news stories to go on her. i will have to Work at it for the meantime I will summarize 4 new stores that involve these monsters.
1. An estranged husband who had a restraining order and several arrests for physical DV in spite of police trying to catch him came up to wife and child with friend on the street and forced his ex wife into a vehicle kidnapping her. He hit the friend when she got involved and tried to stop him from grabbing her. he took off. police are trying to find, but I am sure if ever found she will not be alive. This can be found on if you wish to read the whole story. as i just followed up it looks like they caught him and hopefully rescued her. What a creep!

2.A Sex offender had 11 rotting female corpses at his home.This story and the 3 following plus videos can be found at expose report magazine. Escaped victims were what led to the discovery.The stink from the bodies was not reported since neighbors though the smell came from a sausage factory close by. MONSTER!!!!

3.Father found guilty of 83 counts of sex crimes against his own daughter. At least he has been convicted. Sicko creep.

4.One where a woman was a big part of the evil: Again you can read at The heading says it all:Woman helped husband video tape sex acts with 5 year old girl.

My opinion is the men need castrated. Women locked up for life with no parole.

Unfortunately this is just a drop in the bucket of the CREEPS-MONSTERS-and-SICKOS among us.

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