He's a Believer in My God Now.(Christopher Hitchens dead at 62)

I am sorry if he went to hell, but he had plenty of chances. Romans 2 will be his judge now. At the Great White throne Revelation 21. This is the judgement of the " Dead" and those who think "works"will save them. He is one of  the dead and will  be judged for his evil works and even the dead works he may have thought he was doing for all of "humanities good." My judgement was on the Cross and was in Jesus Christ's punishment and now partake in His :life"( I do hope Mr. Hitchens turned from his folly at the end and repented?) Praise God.:  either way for his( God's) justness .My "A"  unfavorite is Atheists. I do not want them to go to hell, but especially in westernized countries where most live: They are really w/out excuse. So I really have some news today. This is Christopher Hitchens- One of the darlings of "The Nothing Created Everything Brigade." And a card carrying Atheist-"so called" religious cult member. Sorry for how he died, but am not too saddened because it causes everyone including the member of this" religion of God Hatred" to give pause and wonder? What if I am wrong? What if there's more? To read more, Please check on title and go to link. Read the pitiful comments and pray.......... Not for him-too late for that, but for others than hath chosen his Godless path still with chances to acknowledge the Saviour.

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