Frugal Hobbies Continued.

I believe it was back in August I did a post on 8 frugal hobbies. Once and awhile I elaborate on one of these for fun
I love hobbies, don't you? Some of us love different hobbies. but I believe the best are frugal ones..
On Pinterest I have boards that I believe I have pinned things that would cover all except 2 of  every frugal hobbies I listed on here and talked of in August.
Today I am sharing some stuff from several of the hobbies listed. Here is a rundown of the 8.
  1.  Sewing
  2. Cooking and or Baking
  3. Entering sweepstakes
  4. Gardening
  5. Reading
  6. Crafting
  7. Photography
  8. Letter-boxing                                                                                                                                                       
I do not do sweepstakes, but some may enjoy that .  I have done several posts on letter boxing. I wish I liked to sew, but is too tedious and even though I had it in 4-H, I avoid it now. I will do a post on sewing sometime just to cover all the list and even sweepstakes. These are the 2 I do not have any posts on Pinterest pinned, but I do follow those that do.
So for this post I will  share my life using #2, #4, #5,#6 and #7.

Nutella Ice Cream.  If I could keep from eating Nutella up. Want to make. Maybe kids would eat it this way, I know it sounds crazy, but kids do not like.

Have a chair I want to do this with.

Shakespeare & Co., an English Bookshop in Paris

We made hes this past Saturday. Beautiful. Super Easy.
Crafting (DIY): 

Photography: I think this means to take your own pictures for a hobby, but still fun to collect them when you do not have time to do it on Pinterest.

Love this picture but am not sure of place.let me know if you know

New Orleans

Balloons and reflection in water.

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