Mourning Dove.

At this moment I am trying to rescue a dove that I found this morning lodged inside my bird feeder. Somehow the birds had knocked it down and the lid came off. this poor bird climbed inside to get at the seed in the bottom and became stuck. I tried to gently pull it out backwards through the hole it got in with, but was too frantic. I could see it's side was red and wounded and was afraid it would lose a wing. All It's tails feathers came out so easily and it was loosing much down.
My dogs were only exacerbating the problem with their curiosity, so I brought the whole feeder with bird inside on the counter. I let the bird calm down for a few minutes then unscrewed the 4 screws holding the feeder plastic inside the cage where the bird was lodged. I did this slowly, stopping as soon as the bird started to frantically slam inside the tubing. and rotating the screws so I could get to them when the bird was calm. I had thought the bird was hurt and would not be able to do what it did, but as soon as I pulled open the top of the feeder and tried to grab the bird so I could either get it in a box until it was well enough to get back outside again or if it seemed well enough let it out the sliding glass door. I tbacked up and flew out so strongly bashing-as I am sure most have observed with a wild bird inside-itself against the walls. I tried to drive it through the open door, but it flew up onto the top of the kitchen cupboard behind an antique sewing machine.
I was concerned about it as it sat there for several hours. I fianlly checked on it as discreetely as possible,hoping it was not dead. It had been so still. I had to climb on the step stool. I was thinking my son might help me with this problem if it could just live out two more hours until he reached home from school. I was very concerned it might be very thirsty by that time. and who could tell how long the stupid thing had been inside the bird feeder. Well this caused the bird to bolt. Back kamikaze into the walls again. Frantically until it landed outside my laundry room. It walked in there. As I followed it rose and dove for the window. It is now pacing back and forth behind the glass staring so longingly outside. If I enter the room it will slam itself in the small area. ! hour till my son gets her and maybe we will be able to help it's survival. I have had birds get in my house before and kill themselves against the window.

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